The Céragrès Outlet St-Jérôme team is unique and dedicated. They know all the products on the floor and most importantly they are qualified to help you choose the ideal tiles to match your decor.


Come meet them at the store, they love the decor and their mission is to meet your needs.

They will present you with exceptional quality products at bargain prices.


Francine Ahélo

Owner and almost always on the floor!

Francine gets up early and in a good mood because she loves her job and the people she has chosen to serve you. She is always available to help you make the right decisions when the choice is difficult. In a few questions, she will find the solution for you.

Laurence Moreau


Laurence has completed her studies in interior design and is passionate about decoration.

She listens to her clients, which allows her to advise you adequately according to your criteria and objectives while respecting your budget.

Julie boucher


Julie has a huge personal experience in decoration. She works with us part time on weekends just because she loves the public and loves ceramic products. She will guide you towards the right choices.

Rose-Élaine Massie


Rose is also a designer and also cultivates a passion for marketing. She loves photography which allows her to visualize your project and to associate the products that will harmonize with it. If in doubt, she will be able to guide you.

Anthony Simard


Administration student,

he is passionate about how businesses work and understands their challenges.

"I love putting innovative ideas into practice to provide you with excellent customer service."

Jonathan Dufour


It is he who will help you load your vehicle. He has an unparalleled sense of space organization and Herculean strength. Thanks to him our Showroom is always impeccable and in order, thus facilitating your visit.

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